Get a live GPS service for its increased safety and customer service advantages

When a company is looking for a fleet tracking company there are several matters to take into consideration. A key one is what information they are trying to gather for the company. A vehicle tracking system that records information but does not transmit it in a timely manner will not be of much use from a safety or customer service perspective. Real time GPS tracking allows for information to be reported live as it happens.


fleet tracking systemThe Advantages Of Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking    


As an example a non live tracking system may be able to provide information but it may not have much context. It may be able to issue an alert if a driver exceeds fifty five miles per hour but this data isn’t of much use in areas with different speed limits. Many residential areas have speed limits far below fifty five MPH and many interstate roads have speed limits far exceeding it. When using fleet vehicle GPS tracking context can be added. Live fleet management solutions allow a company to track when a vehicle exceeds the posted speed limit by five miles per hour. Also this is done as it happens fleet management tracking without a live element submits information several minutes after it occurs. With an up to fifteen minute delay this makes contacting a driver to adjust his speed a delayed reaction. By being able to correct these performance errors as they occur this allows for prevention of greater driving violations which helps prevent accidents.

One final thing to consider is the customer service element. With real time tracking in place information given to customers is very accurate. If a customer wants to know where a driver is they can be told their exact location. Plus the accuracy of GPS fleet tracking allows for very precise measurements of exact arrival time and allows for precise explanations about a driver’s travel plans. Any company that needs tracking services should make sure they get a live GPS service for its increased safety and customer service advantages.


Manual pulley and chain system overhead door repair

garage door repairThese doors take up the same amount of inside garage space as a monolithic door would.  There are two well defined benefits that sectional doors have:

* No additional exterior space is needed to open sectional doors.

* Each panel of this type of garage door has its own attachment to the door track.  This increases

Garage doors can be made out of various materials.  These material can include glass, copper, wood, aluminum, steel, and vinyl.  These are the most popular materials.  Garage doors are made by placing foamed in place polyurethane insulation.  This is done by a few manufacturers.  This kind of insulation is placed in sectional garage doors.  It is also place in monolithic panel.

Corrugated steel are generally what roller doors are made of.  These doors evolved from door coverings and cover windows.  Other materials can be used such as transparent corrugated fiberglass.  Strong impact resistance is not needed.  Corrugations offer the door strength against impacts.  A preloaded spring is inside the rolling mechanism of a basic single car garage roller door.  The spring decreases the effort need to open the door.  Larger roller doors are nor sprung.  They use a manual pulley and chain system.  They can also use a geared motor to lower or raise the door as well.